Writing Services: Freelance Articles

Do you have an idea for a writing project?

If you are like a lot of people, you may keep notes for writing ideas you’d like to tackle…someday.

Maybe you’re thinking about an article for a trade journal, or a piece for LinkedIn’s Pulse? Or you might want to start a personal blog. You may even have a work related writing project with a looming deadline that you just can’t get off the ground.

What if most of your ideas are still in your head?

Talking through a topic with a professional writer can help clarify your thoughts, bringing the best ideas and strategies to the surface. I enjoy working with clients to explore and reveal their own stories and thoughts. My 30 years of experience in communications as an interviewer, journalist, researcher and copywriter provide me with a wide-range of audience perspectives. I work closely with you to create content that your specific audience will find interesting, helpful and informative.

Freelance Services

My freelance clients come to me for help in creating or editing everything from nonfiction books, engaging PowerPoint Presentations, effective online profiles, event flyers, resumes, and reports, to serving as a writing coach for their thesis and dissertation materials, in pursuit of masters and doctorate degrees.

Please check out my About Town San Rafael column for the Marin Independent Journal to see a sample of my freelance work.

Services include:

  • Articles

  • Content Creation / Personal & Business

  • Bios & Online Profiles

  • Ghostwriting

  • Proofreading - Basic

  • Proofreading and Light Editing

  • Heavy Editing

Storytelling kindled my passion for language. My mission is to find the best words to ignite your connections.

Don’t go it alone

Staring at that blank screen can drain your inspiration. I can help you develop your ideas and target the actual writing to your intended audience. Remember, you don’t have to do this alone. Give me a call today, to see whether my skills are a good match for your great ideas.